Corporate Taxation

Domestic Taxation Services
Our taxation team stays constantly abreast with changes in tax policies, administration & regulations. We have the requisite skills and experience to Cater to Corporate Houses, Firms, trusts and individuals to be compliant with the Domestic Tax Laws and to effectively manage their functions and Estate to bring out the most efficient tax structure. We also assist our clients in getting their Income Tax relevant documents/identification numbers such as PAN and TAN cards prepared by authorized agencies.
Individual Taxation Services
In today’s complex world comprising of interdependent markets, international transactions, and evolving & changing tax legislations and compliances, it becomes difficult to manage the financial aspects. SRJB & ASSOCIATES LLP understands these challenges faced while managing Income/Wealth and Estate planning and thus offer professional judgment, experience, excellence and capability required to understand tax relevant financials issues and achieve your objectives. In addition, our team provides private Income Tax/Wealth services to meet the customized needs of high net worth individuals and families.
Taxation Litigation Services/Representation Before Various Tax Authorities
The focus of tax assessments is progressively shifting from micro issues to issue based and concept based reviews. Our Experienced team has a comprehensive approach involving people with adequate understanding of tax laws and insightful handling of contentious issues. Tax litigation in India requires a comprehensive approach with the back-up of a sound legal team and tactful handling at appellate fora. The focus of tax assessments is gradually shifting from micro issues (such as, procedural disallowances) to issue based and concept based reviews. Our team conducts a detailed cost benefit analysis for litigation any subject and with our experience and in-depth knowledge; we help the management in making this decision.

1. Obtaining the approvals for Section 80G/12AA of Income-tax Act.
2. Obtaining lower withholding certificate u/s 197 of Income-tax Act.
3. Represent client before tax authorities for complicated direct tax issues.
4. Dealing with the assessment of the complicated direct tax cases.
5. Dealing with the aspect of search, seizure and prosecution litigation.
6. Filling, as well as, pleading appeals under different provisions of the IT Act.
7. Acting as liaison with the income tax department for purpose of assessment, obtaining tax residency certificate, liquidation approvals, No Objection Certificate (NOC), Capital Gain A/c scheme closure, refunds, rectification, etc.
Tax Review
Due Diligence analysis (detailed investigation)is conducted with the knowledge and co-operation of the management of the entity for analysis of business risks and generally as normal health check-up of the entity as well. The analysis of various taxes is one of the most complex areas that are encountered during an investigation. We provide expert tax advice through a highly qualified team which has in-depth knowledge, of the entity’s industry and of the tax nuances faced by it.
The introduction of GAAR makes it feasible for the revenue authorities to address the real nature of transactions carried out for tax avoidance.
For taxpayers, it is imperative to examine their existing arrangements and proposed arrangements to evaluate if these may be considered as impermissible avoidance arrangements and thereby prone to consequences provided in the GAAR provisions.
Our experienced team members are equipped with expert knowledge to conduct a detailed analysis of transactions and agreements that will help the management in making this decision. This exercise may also help the management to take corrective actions to mitigate any exposure.